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Block Island Trophy Striped Bass

Capt. Brian Bacon, USCG licensed, along with Captain Peter Bacon and Shamus Mara established Big Game Sport Fishing in Snug Harbor Rhode Island in 2008. Brian, Peter and Shamus have been fishing the Southern Rhode Island waters for the better part of their lives and have a combined experience of over 70 years fishing these waters. The Big Game crew has a true passion for the thrill of the hunt, love for the ocean and putting fish in the box! Fishing from inshore, to the canyons, the Big Game team uses a number of proven tactics in targeting the variety of species the Rhode Island waters have to offer. 
     Over the years, Big Game has either won or placed in many inshore and offshore fishing tournaments and has a proven track record for putting big fish on the boat.
Brian, Peter and Shamus are all professional captains and crew, all a pleasure to fish with, who love catching not fishing, and understand that they are not only a charter business but also in the entertainment business. They always have fun being on the water and putting people on fish! They want to provide their customers with a memorable experience and the fishing trip of a lifetime.
Please visit our website at www.biggamefishingri.com
Captain Brian Bacon
Big Game Sportfishing

How To Select The Right Fishing Kayak

Matt Bosgraaf is the manager of The Kayak Centre, one of the largest specialty kayak retailers in the country. He brings 20 years of experience in the kayak industry, including serving as one of the Centre’s lead instructors, teaching classes in kayaking and SUP. Matt began navigating the salt waters in his kayak at the age of 14 and hasn’t stopped since. 

Wicked Tuna

Capt. Dave Carraro is one of stars of the hit TV show "Wicked Tuna" and is skipper of the F/V Tuna-com. Dave is universally regarded as one of the most successful fishermen in the fleet. With 34 years experience, his best year was 2011 when he boated 52 giant tuna. To date, he has landed eight giant tuna of over 1,000 lbs. 
     Capt. Dave and his mate, Sandro Maniaci, will take the show stage on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and talk about what goes on behind the scenes when filming the "Wicked Tuna" show

Make the Most of Your Cape Cod Fishing Season

Ryan Collins started fishing Cape Cod when he was 5 and has been hooked ever since. He has his Dad to thank for that. They fished for years out of a 12 foot aluminum skiff powered by a 6hp. motor. They chased stripers, bluefish and even tuna in that thing. By high school his Dad had upgraded the boat and began commercial fishing for striped bass every summer. He made a little money and absolutely fell in love with the lifestyle. At age 16 he was spending full moon nights afloat on a dark Cape Cod Bay, alone while his Dad slept in the cabin. Ryan experienced so much during those years. They caught fish, rescued whales and learned that on a boat a 5 gallon bucket is a completely legitimate bathroom. He then set off to college in Worcester and somehow ended up in Cairns, Australia. Throughout it all he kept coming back to Cape Cod each summer to hang out on the beach, commercial fish and eventually run striped bass fishing charters. 

Striped Bass Fishing in Cape Cod Bay

Capt. George Doucette has 40 years of chartering in Cape Cod Bay.  Flyfishing to bunkerspoons, catching thousands of bass on the best methods for catching a trophy. Capt. George Doucette has since retired. 



Trolling Tandem Mojo's For Striped Bass

Captain Farmer is the owner/operator of Break Even Charters and has been fishing the Jersey Shore for over 3 decades. He enjoys having fun with his charters and helping them catch fish. In the offseason, he invents new fishing products, such as the Y Knot Tandem Leaders system. Over the past several years, Captain Farmer has dialed in his technique for fishing tandem mojo baits for cow bass. In his seminar, he will cover mojo basics, rigging, trolling, and provide the audience with several tips and tricks to help improve your experience with mojo fishing.. 

Introduction to Fly Fishing

Michael Fotiades took up fly fishing a half dozen years ago when his eight year old son bought a $20 fly outfit from Benny's. Now he's got a dining room full of fur and feathers and a basement full of rods and reels. Some of this stuff gets used all the time, and some just collects dust. With the journey still fresh in his mind, Michael is in a unique position to help navigate the often overwhelming terminology and choices faced by the beginning fly fisher.

The Correct Way To Fish Soft Plastics

Al “Gag” Gagliarducci  is known and well respected throughout the East Coast as the inventor of the now famous Whip-it Fish and Whip-It Eels soft plastic lure. Al has a long history in the fishing industry. He has been building and designing custom lures since 1978.
     His passion for making better lures stems from his love of fishing and the knowledge that there is always a little room for improvement. Drawing from his many years of experience out on the water, Al knew he could design a better product that would not only meet his needs, but the needs of avid fishermen and women throughout the county and now the World! Today, Al has a full line of custom lures and you can find Al speaking at fishing shows up and down the East Coast.
     Gag’s most now famous lures are called the 'Whip-It Eel" "Whip-it Fish" and his new "San-Dee Eel"! This special lures have a custom molded head, lifelike eyes and, a shape that adds a natural swimming action that fish love.. 

Rigging Your Kayak For Saltwater Fishing & Safety

Jeff Hall began kayaking in 2009 and started fishing shortly thereafter. In 2011 he joined the RI Saltwater Anglers and its Kayak Committee.
    Although he's a full time Marshall for the State of Connecticut, he still makes time for kayak fishing in Narragansett Bay, and writes an online blog sharing tips, tricks and place for kayak anglers. His blog can be found at www.KayakFishingCountry.blogspot.com.

The Versatile Caster

Sheila Hassan is a Federation of Fly Fishers Master Certified casting instructor, one of a handful of women with this credential. She is on the pro staff for Temple Fork Outfitters, R.L. Winston Rod Company and Hatch Reels. Sheila is the director at the Wulff School of Fly Fishing and teaches casting seminars and private lessons throughout New England. She is an IGFA world record holder and the author of Fly Casting: A Systematic Approach. Locally, she fishes for stripers and bluefish in Buzzards Bay on her boat the Shecast. Her website is: Cast90.com

Trolling for Stripers in Shallow Water

Capt. Andrew Mazzitelli, a Maine native, has been fishing the waters of the Atlantic of the shores of Maine and New Hampshire for over 25 years. As a certified captain he has led many fishing enthusiasts to trophy sized fish from Striped Bass to Bluefish. Many of Andy’s customers have been recognized by the Maine Department of Marine Resources Tackle-Busters Club for their outstanding catches. As a young ambitious fishing enthusiast Capt. Andy started out learning how to troll with umbrella rigs from a seasoned Captain Cole based in the Chesapeake Bay area. From there Andy has developed a relationship with the well known 9ER’s Lures. Together they have brought umbrella rigs to the forefront of trolling for trophy sized fish, professionally and recreationally. As of late Captain Andy has been working with Mike Laptew, professional underwater cameraman, to document the habitats and existence of the the Striped Bass. In doing so educating themselves to help others land the catch of a lifetime! Captain Andy’s passion for the outdoors, especially fishing, is as strong today as it was 40 years ago. May your 2016 fishing season be adventurous!!

How To Rig & Use Otter Trailer Baits 

Captain Bruce Millar is the charter boat captain of the Otter out of Groton CT with a100 ton master's license..Capt. Bruce has been fishing eastern long island sound and beyond since 1968 and is best known for the numerous trophy bass his customers connect with...over 50 bass of 50 lbs or more and 2 over 60 lbs in the last 17 years in eastern Long Island Sound... ..Capt Bruce is also well known for his invention and development of his own line of fishing lures, particularly Otter Tails. His Otter Tails, spoons and tubes are used by thousands of satisfied customers across the country. He and his wife Renee both work together in their Otter Lure and Tackle business. 

How to Catch Bigger Fluke and Fishing With Children 

Captain Dave Monti has been fishing and shell fishing recreationally on Narragansett Bay for forty years. For fifteen years he held a scallop license on Nantucket where he fished in the winter months. He holds a captain’s master license, a Rhode Island charter fishing license and is the author of “No Fluke”, a respected weekly fishing column. Captain Dave knows where the fish are because he fishes often and has successfully fished the Bay and near coastal waters. As a fishing columnist, he is alerted weekly to “where the bite is” by area fishing guides, charter captains, top anglers and bait & tackle shop owners who are featured in his column.
     His presentation at the New England Saltwater Fishing Show will be on ‘How to Catch Bigger Fluke’. The latest fluke techniques and tactics from ten fluke fishing experts will be shared at the seminar. Captain Monti said, “You learn about fishing two ways... by experiencing it first hand and by learning from others. When I fish with others or during the course of writing my weekly column, I ask a million questions on how others fish, the baits and tackle they use, techniques, etc. Over the course of the past few years, I asked local experts about their two favorite tips for catching bigger fluke. I plan to share this information with anglers at the New England Saltwater Fishing Show and hope to get a lively discussion going on fluke. In summary, the presentation will end with Capt. Monti’s ten favorite fluke fishing tips.”
     Captain Monti is also well-informed politically and environmentally, particularly about federal and state law and policy as it relates to recreational fishing. He will speak about current fishing issues as well as other topics as time permits. 

Tips for Keeping Your Rods/Reels in Working Order 

David Morton owns and operates Beavertail Rod and Reel. For the last 25 years he has been a tool and die maker by trade, which provided him with a background to make him one of the best in repairing all types of rods and reels with the utmost precision and in a timely manner so that used gear stays in top condition for years to come. David uses the best supplies, and has the unique ability to offer custom machining services, since he has a fully equipped machine shop.

5 Steps to Becoming a Great Surfcaster, Fishing Bucktails and Rubbers Lures and Fishing The Cape Cod Canal

DJ Muller is one of the northeast’s leading surfcasters. He is a surf guide, outdoor writer and author of three surfcasting books. “The Surfcasters Guide to the Striper Coast,” “Striper Strategies,” and his latest “Striper Tales.” He is an accomplished seminar speaker that leaves everyone with good information and motivation for pursuing striped bass with a level headed approach.
He fishes the best waters of east coast, like Martha’s Vineyard, the Cape Cod Canal, Cuttyhunk, Block Island, Montauk, and more. He runs guided trips each year to various destinations, working with aspiring surfcasters looking to get an edge on the learning curve. They learn firsthand from a real “cow hand.”
     DJ will be doing a seminar on strategies and techniques for catching large stripers from the surf. This will include ares to target, proper equipment and ideal lures and offerings, as well as coming up with your tactical blueprint.

Rigging Your Kayak For Saltwater Fishing & Safety

Mona Rodriguez started kayaking in 2010 using a Hobie Outback Mirage, and within a year she got into saltwater fishing from her kayak.
    She joined the RI Saltwater Anglers Association in 2012 and became an active member of the Kayak Committee. In 2013 she moved up to a Future Beach Angler 160, and continued to expand her knowledge in kayaking and saltwater fishing.

Light Tackle Striped Bass Fishing

Capt Mike Roy is the founder and operator of Reel Cast Charters, a full-time fishing charter based out of Connecticut. His angling pursuits have taken him across country, as well as internationally, fishing in both fresh and salt water from large mouth bass to giant bluefin tuna. An innovative angler, he is constantly applying new techniques, and his enthusiasm and passion for the sport are contagious. Captain Mike is a United States Coast Guard OUPV Licensed Captain and graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree in Education.

Catch More Fishing With An Electric Trolling Motor

Captain BJ Silvia of Flippin Out Fishing Charters (located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island) has been fishing Newport, Block Island and Narragansett Bay his whole life. A life-long Aquidneck Island resident, he has extensive knowledge of the local area waters and prides himself on finding nice fish and ensuring his customers have a lot of fun! He has been featured on TV shows such as Fishing the Ocean State with Don Coyne and On The Water TV. He is currently on the Pro Staff with Old Harbor Outfitters, Finor Fishing Reels, and Seaguar. In addition to charter fishing, Capt. BJ designs and sells his own custom Flippin Out Fluke Rigs. He has been commercial and charter fishing for over 20 years and practices “catch and release” whenever he can. He is a member of the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association (RISAA), Newport County Fishing Club and the Aquidneck Island Striper Team. Although he is busy charter fishing, a lot of times you’ll still find him throwing plugs in the surf. 

(401) 529-2267

Chunking The Surf

Julio Silva is an all species, all methods angler. He fishes for anything that swims via shore, boat, kayak, and skishing. He has been blogging for 7 years and delivering fishy seminar for 5 years. He was the President of the Plum Island Surfcasters for 4 years. He has combined his science and technology background to create a fishing journal app that allows you manage your trips, fish, spots, and gear in an integrated way from any device securely. He has rods like his wife has shoes. His vice is hunting large predatory fish from shore with tasty chunks of meat.

Fluke Jigging From Boat, Shore & Kayak

John Skinner is the author of the books Fishing the Bucktail and A Season on the Edge, and a contributing writer to the book The Hunt for Big Stripers. He is the long-time Surf Fishing Columnist and former Editor-in-Chief of Nor’east Saltwater Magazine. He has written many articles for Nor’east Saltwater, On the Water, and The Surfcaster’s Journal. His videos on the John Skinner Fishing YouTube channel are known to anglers worldwide. He is the creator of the fishing log software, FishersLog. Skinner is a frequent speaker at outdoor shows and has a well-earned reputation as a consistent producer of trophy striped bass from the surf. He holds the current New York State false albacore record. When not plying the beaches, he can often be found fishing from his kayak, or Scuba diving in Long Island Sound. He holds degrees in Biology and Computer Science.

Fishing Salt Ponds & Rivers to Extend Your Season

Capt. Jerry Sparks has extensive knowledge and passion for striped bass fishing from kayaks, and will discuss how to rig your kayak for fishing, and provide man tips and techniques for fishing from your own kayak. This will be an up-close, hands-on seminar and Capt. Sparks will gladly answer all of your questions.
     Jerry has been a fishing guide for over 20 years. He is an expert at inshore boat and kayak fishing techniques, and is a frequent speaker at fishing seminars and expos along the East Coast. He is on the pro staff for many of the leading fishing brands, and can be found at the BassYaks booth (1203-1204).

Step Up Your Game: Elite Sport Fishing Practices

Capt. Jack Sprengel, has over 20 years of Regional and international sport fishing experience. Captain Jack Sprengel of East Coast Charters is one of the most progressive members of New England’s Sport Fishing Community. Capt. Jack is a Freelance Outdoor Writer/Photographer and Published Author. His work is frequently seen in publications like "Saltwater Sportsman" and "Sportfishing" Magazines as well as many more. He is also an avid contributor to Internet publications like Fishtrack.com, Pelagicgear.com, Aftco.com and "On the Water's" fishing reports. He has traveled the world in search of trophy game-fish, landing species from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, The Caribbean Sea, The Gulf of Mexico as well as numerous freshwater lakes, rivers and streams in the United States, Central/South America and Europe. Jack has been a 2 time Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers “Angler of the year”, has 5 RISAA hall of fame catches, was captain of the winning team of the 2010 Run and Gun Bluefin Classic, In 2011 he co-set the new Rhode Island state record for Broad Bill Swordfish with Teammate Capt Lou Defusco, he placed 2nd in the 2012 Snug Harbor Shark Tournament with Team “Hot Reels” and placed "In the money" with teams “Local Hooker Rods” “Deep Ocean Apparel” and Team “Blondie” in numerous other tournaments through out 2013.. In 2014 Captain’s Sprengel and Defusco took 2nd Place in the prestigious Tri-State Canyon Shootout earning a $70,000 purse for team “Sandrita,” In 2015 Capts Sprengel and Defusco Co-set a new Rhode Island State Record for Wahoo, and Once again placed in the money in the Tri-State Canyon Shoot out with a 1st Place Finish in the Tri-Fish-Ecta Category Netting a purse of $30,000 for Team “Somethin Fishy.” The Captain also has the pending RI State Record for Mahi Mahi. Additionally, he has made appearances on Don Coyne's Fishing The Ocean State Television Show, Spike TV's coverage of The Monster Shark Tournament, MSNBC’s E News, Discovery/Animal Planets Off The Hook: Extreme Catches, has hosted “On the Water T.V.” and interviewed Boston Sports Radio 1510 "The Zone." 
      Jack has headed the Sport Fishing Presence at the Rhode Island Boat show for both the Newport Yachting Group and the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association. He has worked regionally as a guest speaker for the Castafari Offshore Seminar Series the Goose Hummock Bluewater Bash and highlighted for Bass Pro Shops Big Fish Weekend. He has given hundreds of cutting edge audio/video Sportfishing Lectures across the Northeast. In 2016 Capt. Sprengel was selected to be an instructor at the National Saltwater Seminar Series for George Poveromo." 

Light Tackle Bonito & False Albacore

Capt. Eric Thomas started fishing with his father when their family moved from California with the Navy back in the mid 70’s. At that time the striped bass population was in decline so they focused on fishing the local freshwater ponds around their home in Portsmouth RI. Eric made the switch to saltwater fishing when he started working at the Saltwater Edge of Newport in the mid 90’s. Eric was the sole employee and ran the day to day operation of shop while the owner was busy guiding clients to the resurgent striped bass populations. Eric was lucky enough to be the “test client” for the new charter captain to join the Saltwater Edge team. That guide was Dave Cornell. This is where he began to learn to guide himself. He was also very fortunate to have learned fly fishing and fly tying from some of the pioneers in the RI fly fishing community such as Bill Peabody, creator of the Rhody Flatwing, Ray Smith, legendary cliff fisherman, Kenny Abrahams, and many others. Eric got his captain's license 20 years ago and has been guiding clients to countless striped bass, bluefish, false albacore, bonito, black sea bass, fluke and other species. He specializes in light tackle and fly fishing tactics. You can find Eric in the white water in his customized boat behind the famous mansions of Newport RI. During every charter fishing trip, Eric brings his background in public education to teach his clients the whys and hows of his fishing styles. Recently he has begun to speak publicly at fishing clubs and boat shows. He is currently a member of the Shimano, G.Loomis, PowerPro, Humminbird, Crafty One Customs, Spro, Gamakatus, Yo-Zuri, Ronz, Plano,Navionics, and Pt Jude lures pro staff. Please visit his website and blog at www.teezer77.com

Squid Fishing

Greg Vespe grew up fishing on the Jersey shore, and has fished from Massachusetts to North Carolina, and the Gulf. He has logged hundreds of fishing trips in Rhode Island waters. Greg has been a RISAA seminar speaker several times and is always willing to share his fishing knowledge.


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